Guangzhou Easytop is a professional home goods producer. Our products and services cover from textile goods production to cut & sew services. Making sure your needs and expectations are met is our number one goal. You can also send us your current products for a competitive quotation to compare and source. 


Turn your idea into a reality that is always excited. We help customers in processing their products with sophisticated details and outstanding quality. And, our experiences from importing materials to exporting goods in a professional manner make a big difference. You do not have to worry about long lead-time to get your products done. And, the most important, we make them RIGHT!


Having a unique and stylish collection in your product ranges can make a big difference. We are a company offering from designing and sampling, manufacturing, and marketing at the most demanding home goods category. Our services include CAD, Fabrics Developments, Cut & Sew, and Packaging Utilization and Marketing Solutions. Your might be amazed at what can be made with us to enhance your product line.